ALL Hotels -Employee Traffic info race day

While the race is ongoing, local roads will be affected by the race and are subject to closure. Plan your route and take your time! 

The start and finish is at the Parking space between the Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and the Barceló Aruba hotel.

On the Traffic information below, you can see exactly which side of the road is closed and which side is open for traffic.
With our Safety and Emergency Team we advise the following roads to go to the following Hotels. KPA and our "Harley Davidson" Motor Team and our Volunteers control the safety of our participants and the road blocks. Roads are also blocked with barricades. There are no other possibilities to go to work as described underneath. We apologize for the inconvenience and please inform your Team.

Hotels only accessible from Amsterdam Manor:
RIU (2X)
Blue Aruba Rentals

Roudabout McDonald's/Sasakiweg is under construction. This crossing is cosed for traffic but will be open for the runners during the race. Cars to Hyatt, Playa Linda etc can cross north of the Mc Donald intersection. Via a a sand road they can drive to Hostaria do Vittorio Restaurant and reach Hyatt, Playa Linda and so on. Via this road you can't drive to Hilton, Riu and so on. One way is for participants, one way for cars (one direction only)

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Can only be reached via Fatum / Guardian
All Hotels south of Amsterdam manor

Only accessible from North, then via roundabout between The Ritz-Carlton and Marriott Resort:
Marriot (s)